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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the questions that our customers most commonly ask. If you have a question that isn't listed here, get in touch with us using the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What is the benefit of valeting?

Aside from making your car look great, one of the primary benefits of having your car professionally valeted on a regular basis is that it significantly increases its resale value. A car that has been well looked after will fetch a bigger price than one that has been neglected.

Why shouldn't I use an automatic car wash?

Even the most effective and advanced car wash will damage your car as they use detergents and chemicals which are harmful to the paintwork. It is likely they will accelerate the paintwork's ageing process and contribute to fading and oxidation.

Regular visits to an automatic car wash will certainly cause you problems when you come to sell your car. But at First Class Valeting we can undo some if not all of the damage to your vehicle by machine polishing the paintwork and finishing with a coat of hard wearing wax.

Why should I have my car waxed?

Firstly, waxing keeps airborne contaminants from reaching the paint and starting a chemical reaction. Secondly, it diffuses (refracts) UV and infrared radiation from the sun, preventing both from being absorbed by the pigment in the paint, which accelerates dullness and oxidising of the paint. The paint on a waxed car will actually have a lower surface temperature than on an unwaxed car!

What is the difference between a polish and a wax?

A polish acts as a moisturiser to the paint and enriches colour and lustre. A wax will add shine, but primarily acts as a protective coating by sealing the paintwork either by polymers or a carnauba. At First Class Valeting we use a wax based polish from Autoglym for used cars and a hard wearing Autoglym wax only for new or nearly new cars.

Can I have my car waxed if I have an aftermarket treatment such as Supaguard, Jewelultra Diamondbrite, Autoglym Lifeshine applied?

If you have had one of those treatments and have been told by your dealer that you should not have the vehicle polished then we advise you to use a wax only product instead of having the vehicle polished.

Most car or paint polishes contain some form of abrasive to remove slight haze and particles of dirt left on the paint even after washing, so in this case a polish would actually remove the protection you've gained from your aftermarket treatment.

However, waxing your car using a wax only product enhances this protection, and will keep your vehicle's paintwork protected and in showroom condition.

What is oxidation?

Oxidation is what happens when paint becomes dry and loses its natural oils. Even the mildest soaps and shampoos will accelerate this process, so First Class Valeting use products with neutral pH levels to ensure proper care of your car's paintwork.

We've known people who have used washing up liquid as a car washing shampoo - this is an absolute no! If you're unsure what products to use to clean your car, bring your vehicle in to the experts and see the team in action.

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